Horses and other animals

Please, forgive us…

…To those thousands of horses we have had the honour of meeting but for lack of space we cannot mention in this section… …To all those heroes, who for nearly seventeen years, have gone out into the Andalusian countryside to end the suffering of those animals who were so badly wounded or were too weak for us to rescue… …To those wonderful animals who were lucky enough to be fostered with our host families who gave them a temporary home until they were adopted… …To those poor unhappy animals that we could not save from their cruel owners because of the slowness of the justice system and the Town Halls… We are sorry that they could not appear on this website but they are not forgotten… They remain in our hearts and souls and they will remain in our memories until the end.  The “housemates”, shown here as examples, express with their eyes how much they appreciate the help we have been able to give.  We feel proud to have come to their aid when they needed it most.

to all them…

…Sorry… and… till forever!


Here you can discover our friends who are waiting for that special sponsor to come and support them.



Here is where you can learn about the history of some of our friends we have had the honor of helping.


The other animals

We do not care only for our equine friends but for other species too.  Do you want sponsor them? Contact us


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