At the CYD we encounter cases of all kinds. A few years ago, something happened upon which Virginia said: ‘Now I have seen it all. This is the last time I will ever be surprised.’ But how many times has she repented of that phrase since! Seeing what life is like for a helpless creature, a baby, his life truncated by human evil, makes a person feel helpless and sad. Aragorn was one of the first foals we encountered that showed us the atrocities perpetrated upon animals for the simple lack of, above all, patience. Unfortunately, we have seen the story of Aragorn repeated again and again over the years. Foals must be with their mothers for several months to learn from them before they can be separated and commence an independent life. But some humans disagree; we think we are smarter than anyone and we want to do everything at our own pace … Many owners do not wait for the necessary period until the foal has developed properly and, as a result, begin to force matters using ropes, halters, pulls, until they dislocate the vertebrae of the neck…It is without doubt that Aragorn lived the happiest times of his life with us when he was so tiny. Although the abuse inflicted on him did not steal his chance for happiness entirely, his episodes of fainting and loss of consciousness had been growing …and these were things we could not cure. Together with his friend Manzanita, who stood in the way of many blows threatening his faithful friend Aragorn, we took care of him until the end. And he was proof that some horses are just too special for them to spend much time with us. Rest in peace.