Caesar was having a terrible time until Daniel came into his life. He was a temperamental, strong, insecure … and misunderstood horse. We rescued him together with Salomon, but their characters are diametrically opposed. Even today, many people think that horses can be left ‘anywhere’, which is both absurd and illegal. These two young horses stood tethered in a plot full of debris, glass, cans, and skeletons in Coin, and, on at least two occasions, had managed to free themselves, representing a danger to people travelling along one of the busiest roads of the town. And even worse, for several days all these animals had to eat was the content of the municipal sewage system. We rescued them, after being informed by Seprona, to ensure their welfare and avoid an accident in the street. Today Caesar is happy with the family of Daniel and has grown from a surly horse into the noblest horse in the world. Good living conditions, respect, patience, love and common sense … he enjoys it all! Thank you, Daniel, for the photos and for the day you accepted the challenge of adopting Caesar.