During his stay at the refuge Colorín showed that he was a very complicated horse. He bit, he kicked, and …he even growled! One day our dear friend Clare (responsible for English-speaking volunteers) came to our refuge and wham! … love at first sight! She told us she would like to adopt Colorin, but we advised that she come to visit for a few months and if after that time she was still interested in the adoption, we would be happy to organise it. And so it was. Clare came every day for a few months. We remember some very funny images of that time. The first time Clare entered Colorín’s paddock, it was with a feather duster. She wanted to respect the horse’s private space and came closer little by little, stretching her hand, that is to say, the duster… And even today we still remember well Colorin’s expression, in disbelief and wonder: Why did you let this crazy woman come in here? It is blessed madness on the part of Clare and others who, like her, never lose hope, despite the difficulty of the animal they wish to adopt. Today Colorín is a perfectly adapted horse that shares his home with other horses and adores his adoptive mother.