The story of Frodis is very special. Concordia, president of the Association, found her in the middle of a dry river bed. She was malnourished and one of her hooves was approximately three times as large as the others. Concordia reported that the rescue of this mare was urgent. The rest of the CYD team found the urgency with which Concordia wanted to rescue the mare rather strange (indeed on other occasions they had rescued animals with lesions and diseases that were even worse) but, instead of asking questions took all the appropriate measures to rescue her immediately. Concordia insisted: ‘If she is not in the shelter in five days she will die.’ It took two days to obtain permits to rescue her. A veterinarian visited our shelter, confirmed Frodis’ malnutrition, but without diagnosing any other serious disease. THIS SHOULD BE AFTER FRODIS. Three days later, Betsy was born. The mare had been so close to starvation that one could not distinguish her advanced state of pregnancy! Probably both would have died during childbirth. Betsy was born completely malnourished and with a serious spinal disorder. Currently, Frodis lives happily in Jaen, thanks to Matthias and his son, Alex, who did not hesitate to adopt them, although they had been forewarned of her peculiar character. ‘If she’s the one that needs help the most, she is the one we want. Everything will work out with love and patience’, Matthias assured us shortly before the adoption. I wish everyone thought the way he does.