Galante is a horse that has been a great example for us. He suffered a lesion typical of horses rescued by the shelter. This injury was the result of abuse by a human. When an owner wanted to get something off his horse and it did not happen immediately, he placed a rope, a wire, a string or even a chain on one of its legs to put pressure on the animal. The idea is to throw it to the ground; sometimes fear and helplessness have the desired effect and the horse does not fight anymore at that time. But at other times, if he overcomes his fear and pain, he may continue to misunderstand the owner. We have seen a great deal of pain resulting from this practice. In these lines we would like to ask people that have horses to refrain from using forceful instruments on them, and only use the following in the treatment of their animals: patience and love. Galante never gave up and continued living happily with the infirmity, without ever losing the dignity that was so characteristic of him.