This horse was rescued, along with his companions, in Marbella. The rescue took several days and was very complicated. Imperioso was part of a group of abandoned horses in the middle of a mountain, with little resources for survival. The animals were becoming thinner and thinner and indeed some of them, the weakest, had already died. Assistance was requested from the city council, but that institution ignored the issue. For this reason, the Association filed a criminal complaint against the City, in the name of the person responsible for the environment. We did not request a single euro; we only appealed for justice on behalf of the horses through compliance with the current Animal Protection Law of Andalucía. Imperioso reached the shelter extremely emaciated, with his hooves in poor condition and, above all, with serious handling problems. Today he is happy with his new family in Germany. Every so often, our dear Christine sends us photos, and every day Imperioso is happier…and fatter!