These two ponies have spent many years together since they were rescued. As far as we are concerned, there is a big problem in Spain when it comes to ponies. First, there is the belief that ponies are ‘bad’, that they are not loyal and secondly they are exploited shamelessly at fairs and other events where often the ‘party’ doesn’t stop until the pony dies – and the ‘party’ even continues if such a sad situation occurs. Luckily, our beloved ponies were taken in by good friends and neighbours. The CYD has already been extended by hundreds of kilometres because in times of crisis, when the rains come, for example, many of our neighbours become ‘foster families’ or temporary host families for our animals. We thank them all as well as Sofia and Pepe Simo, who finally adopted Indiano and Castañita … We are very grateful because, despite the pranks of Indiano, he has not been returned!