We are quite thrilled to share this story with you. Mandy was collected along with two other animals, after we received a request for help from the local police in Ronda. Her condition was deplorable. Her belly almost reached the ground because possibly she had been used to ‘draw offspring’ throughout her entire life. When she arrived at the CYD, we decided not to give her up for adoption because of her age and poor general condition. So imagine our surprise when one day a German couple living in Spain, Rolland and Andrea, arrived at the shelter. They wanted to adopt Mandy and told us they were in love with the most beautiful mare at the shelter. When we looked around and saw only Mandy, Andrea insisted: ‘That one, the most beautiful of all.’ She was referring to Mandy! Some people criticize us for being picky about the requirements to adopt … and say we miss out on ‘good opportunities’ by not being more ‘flexible’. The truth is that we never lose out on such opportunities when it comes to good families … and Rolland and Andrea are an excellent example. They did not have a code of operation for a livestock farm, so we told them to prepare their home and when it was ready, to return and the OCA could grant the necessary permission. It took almost a year but they returned … and Andrea asked, ‘Where is the world’s most beautiful mare?’ We explained that Mandy could not be mounted and she was very old. At that time, an abused colt in poor condition had just arrived at the Centre, and we told them that Lucky would need extra care and attention just like Mandy, and they…adopted them both! Mandy spent the three happiest years of her life with her family and in the course of time, following several infirmities, died surrounded by all the love in the world. We have never seen a person as devastated as Andrea the first day I came to visit after the death of Mandy. Sometime later, encouraged by us, as we explained that Lucky should not spend much time alone, they decided to adopt another animal from the CYD. And once again, this resulted in a miracle (everything is so easy with good people!). This time, Rolland decided, Andrea did not want to adopt a young mare who was younger than them…but when we told them the story of Symphony, who had been dying of starvation and seen her companions suffocating and that had a very special character so that she might possibly never be given up for adoption…they decided to take her home! We could not be more thankful and blessed than when people like Rolland and Andrea cross our path. Thank you.