For the team of CYD Santa María, and especially for Concordia, there is a before and an after when it comes to knowing Manzanita. She is the most ‘serious’ and intelligent animal we have ever had the honour of knowing. We rescued her after some unspeakable persons had been ‘having fun’ with her, making bets on how much weight she could bear… According to several witnesses, the bet stood at 800 kilos when Manzanita fell and broke her knees… Her rescue coincided with that of little Aragorn. Aragorn had suffered episodes of hypoxia in which he staggered, and our beloved Manzanita always intervened, preventing Aragorn from hitting a wall or the floor. We do not have enough words to do her justice, but can only say that we are honoured by being permitted to know her and hope that everyone will have a friend in their life that is as loyal as Manzanita is to Aragorn. Rest in peace.