Marilyn, Siloé y Luna

This pony was named Marilyn for obvious reasons … she is identical to Marilyn Monroe! Equally blonde, sweet, feminine … We found her in a group of animals that were in a state of neglect and nearly caused an accident on the railway. In the photographs of her rescue one can see the ropes that kept her bound for several months. Although we have spent years fighting to end this horrible procedure, which only harms animals, even today we still see horses ‘locked’ in the fields of Andalusia and other regions. The impediments, used originally to keep the animal from moving easily so she would not ‘escape’ far from the owner, cause wounds, sores and worms in the legs of the animals… and this in the ‘best’ of cases. The members of CYD have already seen too many deaths as a consequence of these impediments. The animal suffers a fall, she breaks a leg or injures it, and then spends too many hours until an owner appears, but even then it is all the same since a percentage of the owners that keep their animals in these conditions don’t want to be bothered to call the vet. Marilyn and her little ones live happily today, far from Spain.