Mikaela y Layla

Mikaela is a sweet mare. She was living in a dumpster beside her newborn when we rescued them. One of our volunteers from the Costa alerted us to the dire state of the foal. Someone had nailed an iron to one of her feet. The veterinarian’s diagnosis was clear: ‘It is very serious and if the infection does not kill her and we manage to save her life, she may remain lame for life’. And we thought: ‘If so, what better place than the shelter where we can care for her and give her a good chance for the future?’ And so we did; we rescued her and she recovered at the CYD. Soon, Mikaela was adopted by our dear volunteer Sue. They have shared many rides, games and laughter and we feel very fortunate to have the volunteers we have, not only helping us at the shelter, but also frequently opening the doors of their homes to the animals that need them most.