This colt was abandoned in a dumpster full of glass and animal skeletons. The organisation Seprona (a nature conservancy) of the Guardia Civil of Coin requested assistance from CYD to pick up Salomon to prevent an accident on one of the busiest roads in the municipality. Today Salomon, who once kept himself alive by eating trash and discarded food from the dumpster and could only quench his thirst by drinking sewer water, lives at the Equestrian Club La Paca and has a wonderful foster family. Carmen, her parents and siblings, care for him and treat him like a member of the family. They have always agreed that their commitment to Salomon is ‘for always’ and not just a caprice of a few years, and they are keeping their word. We are tremendously grateful to this family because they came to us without much experience and accepted our advice with absolute trust. We explained to them that we had never seen such a wise and sensible wise horse as Salomon for their children and, indeed, regarding the character of Salomon we have also proven to keep our word.