This tiny pony is impressive because of his big heart. He is absolutely without fear and indeed is ready to have Attila jump onto his back at any time. It’s the cutest thing you can imagine; his appearance is matched only by his passionate whinnying every time he sees a mare … and they all love him! We always remember the first time we saw him amongst the rubble and trash, hiding out of fear of being seen and punished for no reason. Today he has a happy life together with his inseparable friend Serenata in a wonderful place in Germany called Eulenmuehle where they both enjoy the best of care.


One of CYD’s most difficult rescues ever. Our managers Luciano and Concordia spent more than seven hours working to get her into the truck that was to bring her home and save her life. After both the police and the civil guard had given up, our team worked for hours until they managed to bring her home safe and sound. Years later, Lara visited our hostel and fell in love with Serenata. Although we explained that Serenata had a strong character and hesitated to trust people, Lara and her husband told us that things would change for Serenata once she realised she had a new family that would never abandon her and never hurt her. And so it was.