Spirit’s life was very difficult during his first months of life. He watched nearly all of his companions die. In 2011 the court issued an order that allowed us to help the group of animals of which he was part, naming the City of Alhaurín de la Torre as being economically responsible for them. The town council paid the first four invoices, carrying out the ruling one hundred percent. But from then on it failed to meet its obligations regarding the horses, plunging the CYD and those of us that are part of it into a truly desperate situation. Those were very bad times; but we had a great deal of faith and continued to seek answers every day, a lifeline formed by our contacts and friends, and …we found one! In these sentences we wish to express our wholehearted thanks to Ms Klein and the organisation Fundacion Bund Deutscher Tierfreund for their support and understanding. Their support came as a miracle for us, and we are well aware that without their collaboration, at that time, we would not have been able to go forward. We thank you for all you do for animals and in particular for helping every year by taking action on behalf of the horses that are suffering in our country. And if that were not already enough, Ms Klein and Jessi adopted Spirit, in order to safeguard his welfare and give him a future in Germany. Our gratitude knows no bounds. So, in these sentences, today and always, our thanks.