Complaint abuse of animals


According to official figures, from the Ministry of Agriculture, more than 122,000 horses have been slaughtered in slaughterhouses in Spain, from January 2012 until December 2013.

The CYD Santa Maria Association estimates that this figure would be doubled if it included all those horses abandoned in the Spanish fields and not identified by their owners. Furthermore, we should also add, the numerous cases of death by abuse and mistreatment.

Institutions are failing in their responsibilities under the law and it requires the co-operation of all citizens to help these animals. From the earliest times animals have helped the human being with their own effort and sacrifice. It is now time for human beings to do the same for the animals.


The CYD Santa Maria Association reminds you that Spanish law dictates that a complaint is the simple “communication” of facts to the Administration. The person who complains is not directly involved.

1)      If you see a horse or horses (or any other animals) that might endanger road safety (highways, roads, etc.) or citizens (disease transmission, proximity to town, etc.), CALL 112 IMMEDIATELY (the call is free and this service will handle the coordinating law enforcement agencies who are closest to the place). 112 services will also attend incidents of abuse against animals occurring at the time of the call..

2)      In the case of abandoned animals, bad hygiene and insanitary conditions, injured or sick animals you should communicate the facts in writing to the Local Police of the town where the animal is located. Then you should apply for registration of entry. In case of emergency you must request a patrol by phone in order that they attend as soon as possible. You will need to report the fact in writing later.

3)      According to the current laws of animal protection Town Halls are responsible for the abandoned animals or lost animals in their towns INCLUDING HORSES. According to Royal Decree 804/2011 of June 10, horses are recognized as domestic animals of company. For this reason we strongly advise that when you make the communication to the Police you present it in the Municipal Registry Offices of the Town Hall and save a sealed copy. In this way the Town Hall must render assistance to the animal without being able to plead ignorance of the fact.

4)      Once you have completed the third step and if after a reasonable time the animals are still in the same conditions, you should contact the patrol of the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil closest to the location of the animal or contact the Offices of the Guardia Civil in the province. You should give them the background to the events and send a copy of the communication requested to the local police and the Town hall in steps 2 and 3.

Please after doing all of the above you should make sure to inspect the animals within a few days. If the situation has not changed please send our complaint form duly completed.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

Albert Einstein

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