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Your help is essential for us to continue our work. We ask you not to look the other way when you see poor abandoned animals roaming our roads or fields. Please be assured that we would so gratefully accept any type of assistance you may offer, however large or small.

To give you an example of how your help can change things – an alpaca of hay, which costs approximately 6 €, can mean the difference between life and death to a starving animal. For example, in emergency situations we must feed the animals where we find them as many of them are so weak that they cannot travel. The difference between life and death in this situation is just 1€.

So where would your donation go?

10€ helps us to feed a horse for nearly four days.

30€ gives a horse water for a full year.

With 50€ we can pay a to relieve the pain of an abandoned horse that cannot stand on his own.

100€ provides a sick, old or injured animal with a dry,soft bed lie in for a month.

500€ would cover the vet’s bill in a colic emergency.

With 1000€ we can provide a rescued horse with food and necessary veterinary care during their first months at the refuge. During this time he will recover physically and mentally, so that one day he may be adopted and start a new life.

From Cyd Santa Maria refuge we want to thank everyone for the fantastic response to our emergency appeal for material for sick horses.

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Association CYD Santa María
Cajamar: 3058 0714 57 2720098428
For international transfers: :
IBAN: ES59 3058 0714 5727 2009 8428

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