Material help to CYD Santa Maria

If I am unable to donate money, how else can I help?

If you are unable to donate money you can provide material or equipment for the animals. We have many good friends who fill boxes with useful ítems and then send them to us. Please note, equestrian material does not help us as we do not use reins or saddles, etc.

If you do wish to donate material or equipment then please contact us first. Depending on the situation we need particular things and can advise what is suitable to send. Because the animals are weak and/or sick, we have to be very careful about what we give them in terms of food and medicine and so it is best to talk to us first.

Here are some of the things we need:

Hay, straw, alfalfa, feed (Alimentos Altube,

Donate Vet Supplies

Anti-mosquito fly spray, 1 litre bottles of sweet-itch skin cream (Alibi, e-mail, bottles of disinfectant for wounds, cans of healing cream, bottles of eye saline, bottles of cream for helmets, bottles of electrolyte for hypodermic shock, tetanus vaccines, soft worming, worming tenia and verme rojo, penicillin bottles of 50 ml. packages, sterile gauze, syringes (with needles) 20 cc, alcohol.

Finadyne, Calmivet granules, oral Glucosuero, Danilón (cream and envelopes), Delta Dust, Powders Azol, Betadine gel, chlorhexidine, Thrombocid, VETERIN Micipen injection, Copper sulfate, Calmoneosán, EQzona injectable, injectable Resdex, Eqvalan Duo.

Eye protection masks for flies with earflaps. (Size large, medium and small), anti-mosquito flies with neck and tail-blankets, special blankets for wound eczema, etc. (Snoogy-hood), winter blankets, rain blankets, halters, ropes.

Our contact details are:

Telephone numbers:
(00 34) 658 900 600 / (00 34) 610 397 027


From Cyd Santa Maria refuge we want to thank everyone for the fantastic response to our emergency appeal for the need for material for the sick horses.